Friday, 4 May 2012

Some shoes for the Gents and the vexed question of what size to buy!

These lovelies were bought from Raquel - whilst I didn't get on too well with the ladies styles, Alan got the most beautiful pair of 40s styled two tone shoes.  They are not split soled like some of the other shoes he's finding good to dance in, but they are just so beautiful and well made I couldn't let him leave without them!

For ladies with narrow feet I would recommend Raquel - the uppers range from being quite retro to following current trends and the heel height varies from 5cm to 9cm.  My very wide feet don't really suit French lasts and Raquel sells out of France as well as Buenos Aires.  Some of the colour combinations suit European tastes and have some lovely detailing like insets of contrast leather over a wider sling back strap.

The showroom is in a lovely space in San Telmo, old style with very high ceilings and tall doors.  The buzzer is very discreet so don't go whizzing by as we nearly did. 

Neo Tango with a coated beige and cream basket weave.
Neo Tango have done some great men's shoes too, the ones in the picture are split sole without the trainer look which is great for the guys who like their retro suits but find single soles less flexible.

As to sizes, well this is a mystery!  In the UK for daywear I'm a 39, I had thought I was a 38 which I am at Neo Tango but at Souple and Soy Portena I'm down to a 37 - Alan is going down too - we think!  A 40 at Raquel but size 7 at Neo Tango although we think in hindsight it could/should? have been a 6 1/2. 
Upper Row L-R: Raquel, Neo Tango.  Bottom row: Neo Tango

The Neo Tango shoes at the bottom of the picture on the left are split soles again which look great on and are great for classes and practice.

Below is a line up of heels - I really put them up for the heel shape although in the picture it isn't as clear as in real life.  The Souple shoes are 8/8.5cm and both CiF and Neo Tango are 8.5cm although the Neo Tango might be nearer 9cm.  The CiF have been worn (a lot!) for about 18 months so excuse their slightly tired expression but the Souple heel has a wider support where it is attached to the shoe.  I wore them for the first time last night and they were really easy to dance in, the heel feels very secure.  So for class and workshops they'll be great, your feet don't have to work any harder than they need to!  Ella
L-R Comme il Faut, Neo Tango, Souple

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