Thursday, 3 May 2012

At last some wonderful shoes for me!!

Shoes from Souple
These beautiful shoes from Souple don't look anything out of the ordinary until you put them on your feet!  If you have high insteps and wide feet they give great support - I need to try them out tonight to see whether I should go back and get a second pair! Many thanks to Nayla Vacca for recommending we go and see the shoes.
The soles under the balls of your feet are very soft but really well padded so you can roll your feet the way Mina wants us to:)  I struggled a bit with some of the styles because my foot arches so the straps are not always long enough but the perseverance was worth the time.

We also went to Soy Portena Misse which was fab:)  They didn't have the shoes I wanted in my size so I've ordered two pairs and cannot wait until they arrive - about six weeks I think.  The struggle will be whether I can restrain myself from going back to order another pair!  I have one pair waiting for me in London already from Ange and Krissy at Coleccion la Recoleta in London.  They are beautiful and trying the collection on in the showroom was great - the opening times are from 1pm to 7pm and the porter at reception is a sweetie - 'Tango?' with a wry smile.  Ladies I would really recommend you try the samples from Ange and Krissy.

We made a foray to Greta Flora in Palermo, the Recoleta store only does day shoes.  I was disappointed really, the heels are low - so if you prefer a lower heel that is good because the uppers are wonderful as ever with lovely colours and leathers but for my feet they didn't work and 8cm was the highest which makes for discomfort for me.

Neo Tango came up with some lovely shoes for the gents - Alan has some great split sole shoes which don't look like trainers - pictures to follow:)

See you soon,

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