Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What we are wearing!

We have had a very busy August, not only with Brand Alley, but with preparations in getting patterns ready, choosing fabrics and getting our production plans underway. All things are finally slotting into place, there is still work to be done, but a feeling of attaining our goal(s) to present you with a beautiful collection of ready to wear clothes, to indulge in, dance in and be admired, has almost been reached.

Ella and I have been 'testing' two of the new lace top designs, and we are happy to say, they are looking and feeling great.

Tango on the Thames 21st August 2011
Ella is wearing a top with a simple neckline with a cut out back - the hand cutting of the lace makes an interesting detail on a usually rather plain round neck.

 Thank you Connie for the lovely photographs.

Now for something different:

Tina in Orange & Turquoise Lace, worn at a Wedding. The top has a higher neck and a looks like a blouse, but is in fact not buttoned, but has a zip at the side. Very flattering neckline.

Shoes : Greta Flora

Fascinator - Cherished Vintage
A combination of the styles will be shown at our next TodoTrajeado event on 25th September.
The full range will be available for sale on the 1st October at our Newman Street Studio.

Friday, 19 August 2011

PRESS RELEASE - Evening Black Dress Competition - Brand Alley

Finally we can tell you all about the hectic and busy few months we have had! Also keeping it secret has been really, really difficult!

When we met our production company they so loved our lace dress that they encouraged us, no begged us to enter it into a competition that BrandAlley  was running for a black evening dress, ten of which would be chosen to be sold on their site. We were not convinced.

Why reluctant, you might ask? Firstly Ella does not do BLACK! Secondly, we like to keep the collection for the Tango community, and prefer to keep them relatively limited. Also there is a lot of preparation in producing a garment for mass production, never mind getting the sizing right, but we had to make sure we could get the fabric, the slip had to be altered and produced in an alternative fabric (gnashing of teeth) etc etc, but we did it!

However, after all was said and done, Ella was invited to become one of the finalists to show El Huracan to a panel of judges and we got into the chosen ten!  We love this dress, and so do many others, and we are very proud of it. You can see the chosen designers before the panel in the clip below:


We would like to reassure our faithful and growing clientele that the dress is available in a wide colour range which are sold only by Todo Trajeado through our private views . Also BrandAlley have a limited run of only 100 dresses for sale in black, so we can remain true to our ethos of making  beautiful original tango clothes for those of you who want to be Todo Trajeado!

Thank you all for your business, help and support.
Todo Trajeado Team