Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Collection Launch

We are really looking forward to the 'Milonga Primavera' hosted by Tango Victoria, also known as Ange, Krissy and Nick:) taking the New Collection which we will be launching at Tring on the 19th March.  Over the past few months we have been visiting some lovely events such as Tango de Salon with the wonderful team, Asta, Beto and Natalie.  They made us truly welcome and we look forward to visiting them again soon; we had a great time at The Crypt with Nikki and all those at Dance Tango and have even made even made forays to the mad Midlands as guests of Gallo Ciego.

If we haven't been to your favourite Milonga please feel free to ask the organizers (if it isn't your gig) to invite us!  We are game for the 'cold, cold North' and the chilled South West.

During this year I've had the most fabulous support from Tina who should really just be called 'Miss Organization'  and the long suffering Alan, otherwise known as Mr. 400Club.  We're gearing up for a truly hectic year, I promise to devote more time to keeping you up to date with what we're doing!

Remains of the Sale:)

There are still bargains to be had - just have a look at the 'Sale' page!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

St. Valentine Day Price Massacre

The St. Valentine Day Price Massacre starts at 1pm on the 12th February on the 5th Floor, 60 Newman Street, W1T 3EE.  Tops start from £15 and dresses from £30.  Naturally there will be scones and tea!
Coleccion La Recoleta will be joining us again but are not part of the Clearance Sale - though they will be joining in on the scone eating:)