Liquid Gold Collection

Lollipop red silk satin crepe dress with gold silk lurex chiffon facings both front and back.  The drawstring detail on the back allows for the wearer to adjust the drape to their own taste.  The fluid skirt really flows when you move especially in ochos and giros!  
We have size 10, size 12 and size 14 in stock and it costs £225.00

This dress, we call it Jean in honour of Jean Harlow although in its silk gold lurex version it is more Marilyn Monroe!  The Evergreen dress has gold facings like the Lollipop, it too is available in size 10, size 12, size14.  

The Silver silk lurex chiffon is lined with a beautiful purple navy and the Gold with Evergreen.  The Silk Lurex dresses are to order only at £295.00 although we do have a size 12 silver dress in stock.

If you want to be a little more relaxed but still want the drawstring effect, look at our skirts - they come in two versions.  They are available in silk satin crepe  in Chocolate and Evergreen, in the silk shot satin they are available in a beautiful Leaf green shot with purple for extra vibrancy! The shot satin skirts have a little more body than the satin crepe giving a fabulous option for day wear especially for the Christmas season.  

The Evergreen silk satin crepe skirts are available in size 10, size 12, size 14 and the Chocolate silk satin crepe skirts are available in size 10, size 12, size 14.  The Leaf shot satin skirts are available in size 10, size 12 and size 14.  The price: £135.00                                                                                                                         

Evergreen silk Satin Crepe drawstring skirt
Detail of Chocolate silk Satin Crepe

Drawstring skirt in silk shot satin 
The cap sleeve 50s style top shown above has slits  to allow our arms to move freely and comes in Sky Blue as well as Leaf.  In Sky Blue, size 8, size 10 and size 12; in the Leaf,  size 8, size 10 and size 12.  Size 14 is available to order in either colour and cost £110.00.  

50s style dress

The dress has the same bodice with a full skirt which finishes just below the knee and cost £175.00.  At present we have a size 10 in the Leaf and size 12 in the Sky Blue.

Silk jersey sleeveless top in Blackberry faced with silk Gold Lurex chiffon.  They are also available in chocolate jersey again with Gold facing.  They cost £85.00
Silk jersey dress with gold silk lurex facing

Jersey top with silk Gold Lurex facing

Silk jersey sleeveless dress in blackberry and gold silk lurex chiffon which is also available in red and chocolate and gold.  The price is £185.00 and to order for the moment although we should have stock by the end of November.  The back of the top is the same as the dress.

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