Friday, 9 December 2011


The Todo Trajaedo Blog reached 10,008 stats today!

Thank you everyone who has been taking a peek at us and our regular followers.

It has been hard work this year, in a good way, to get things how we want them. Next year is the development of the web site, and of course more of our favourite designs in new fabrics and colours, plus new styles.

Our best Christmas present ever would be to have more followers, so once the festive celebrations are over, and you are surfing the net on those days between the old and new year, please add yourself - you won't be disappointed in the news and views to follow through 2012.

Thanks again to you all, Ella, Alan and Tina

Friday, 2 December 2011

Saturday 10th December 2011- Last Chance!

Shoe News! Comme il Faut the most glamourous shoes ever, from Buenos Aires, are with us AGAIN!

Once again we are at the Fifth Floor Studio at 60 Newman Street W1. We are open from 1pm to 5pm, so why not come along and take the opportunity to look through the collection. It will be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shopping and the West End. There will be a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie waiting for you.

We will have beautiful lace, gorgeous silk wrap skirts, elegant and body complimentary back pleat skirts with the 'wiggle' factor built in, which you can wear to work and then straight to the dance floor. Also not to forget the wonderfully designed 'bad hair day trousers'. Comfort and a flattering cut all in one!

There may also be a mystery guest or two, sadly it will not be Father Christmas as he is rather busy at the moment.

See you all on the 10th.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Glamorous Amanda!

Here is the wonderful Amanda Costa wearing a version of our absolutely fabulous back pleat skirt sometimes referred to as the 'naughty skirt' by non-tango friends!

Christmas Shopping:)

Join us tomorrow - 27th November for an afternoon of Christmas shopping, Mulled wine and Aunty Judy's mince pies!
17 Spangate
Blackheath Park,
London SE3 9RS
11am until 6pm
Gabriella Lane will be there with her beautiful jewellery and silverware and Todo Trajeado will have its latest goodies for all the Christmas Milongas and Parties!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Saturday 19th November 2011 - An Extraordinarily Enjoyable Event!

Thank you to all the lovely ladies and their patient partners who joined us last Saturday. Also a special thanks to Comme il Faut who came with their new delivery of gorgeous shoes from BA and with news of the launch of new brand in the UK soon!

 Thank you Abby for your beautiful fascinators, hair clips and other hair ornaments.

The afternoon was electric, with new faces, and new fans. Several dresses were tried on and stayed on and were immediately put through there paces at the Tango Festival Ball at the Porchester Halls. Check out the Hall of Fame.
Anne in El Huracan at the Porchester Halls

We are appearing at the Studio at Newman Street again on the 10th December, so there is a last chance to look at the collection before production closes for the holidays. Hope to see you there!

If you would like to see the collection sooner, then please contact us for an invitation to Ella's @ Home event in Blackheath this Sunday. See Upcoming Events for details. Contact:

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Last chance!
order by 26th November 2011 -
The BrandAlley sale of El Huracan is now over. It has proved to be the 'best seller' of the EBD competition and we are very proud.
For those of you who missed the opportunity to purchase the dress through BrandAlley, this is your last chance to order the black version (£165) through Todo Trajeado. The dress comes with a silk satin slip (£110) optional. 
If you are interested in ordering the dress, please send an e-mail to stating your size.
Also, you can come and visit us on the 19th November at our studio at 60 Newman Street, W1. Where you can try on the dress and see the rest of the collection. We open at 1pm until 6pm.

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you on the 19th.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Silence is Golden!

Golden Hollywood!
Yes, we have become rather quiet of late, especially after the flurry of Mood Boards, video and photographs after the Tango on the Thames Event.

We are busy in the background, fulfilling orders, sourcing, grading, buying and designing ready for the studio day at Newman Street on the 19th November.

The first order for Brand Alley has been delivered and we have two more to go! After that we can dedicate our time body and soul to Todo Trajeado in the run up to the festive season. The El Huracan dress apparently is BrandAlley's BestSeller in the EBD competition, so we have that claim to fame, but at a price! It has been an extraordinarily complex scenario, when it really did not need to be. Anyway no need to go in to that here! We at Todo Trajeado just want to say that we have some gorgeous, glamorous and totally wearable clothes coming your way soon.

There is also a plan afoot to sell via the blog, until we get the web site organised. So stay in touch.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Saturday Update!

Met with a glorious hot and sunny day, so it was unlikely that many of you would want to come in and get all hot and bothered trying on clothes. We don't blame you!

There were enough visitors to ensure a wonderful time was had by all. The Studio was full of light, colour and music, Carlos Gardel to Josphine Baker and back again - there were only a limited number of 78's to play! They are also very heavy, and the lift was out! Thank you Dr Batchelor for bringing in your wonderful Gramophone!

The lace dress of course was the firm favourite, but the wrap skirt is proving popular too!

Comme il Faut as always had their following and we enjoyed trying on numerous pairs of shoes. Thanks Krissy & Ange for your support.

Also thank you to our fan base (you know who you are?) and the lovely ladies who braved the heat to come and visit and buy some lovely clothes.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tango Ahoy! 25th September 2011

Samira, Louise, Loretta, Ella, Kate & Tina
An extraordinary, enjoyable and successful afternoon on HMS President!

After the blood, sweat and tears of the week leading up to the show, through no fault of our own, we would like to add, we found ourselves in the deep mire of production chaos! However, we overcame against all odds, and Todo Trajeado presented a beautiful collection!

It was a glorious sunny afternoon on the Thames, with blinding sunlight, so everything had to be absolutely perfect! We tango dancers are usually dancing in the half light and in shadow, a twilight world, so it was an interesting feeling being out and about in daylight and under such scrutiny too. The lovely ladies involved looked beautiful and did the clothes proud.

Last minute adjustment
Which pair of shoes?
Behind the scenes ....

Are we ready?

The video was taken by Seok - Thank You!  To capture it so brilliantly, each piece seen as it should on a Tango dancer. The men looked great too, so smart and handsome.!/photo.php?v=10150837733335581

After the show the compliments were many, and several items were purchased before they were hardly off the 'models'.

Silk Jersey Dress
Satin slip & bustle skirt
Jersey wrapover & bustle skirt

Special thanks to Tony and Peng (Tango on the Thames) for the opportunity to show at their venue. Also to the audience who received us enthusiastically, and especially our models and their partners. Your participation made it extra special dear friends.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Autumn/Winter 2011/12

Mood boards and editorial are up and running! Take a peek at the gorgeous and glamorous delights we plan to offer for the Autumn!

There will be more designs, sketches, photographs and fabrics posted as we move from Autumn to Winter with special highlights in Chiffon Lurex for the Festive Season.

We will also be listing the items shown at our launch on 25th September with prices by the end of the month, in readiness for the Studio Day on 1st October at Newman Street, W1.

DIARY DATE: 25th September 2011 - Dont forget the up and coming launch of this season's collection which will be shown on the gangplank rather than the catwalk! No, seriously, we will be aboard the HMS President moored on Victoria Embankment! However the actual display will take place on the oh so smooth dance floor to show the clothes  to their full advantage in an actual performance of tango.

Todo Trajeado Ahoy!

There are bright geometric patterned skirts in a 'wrap' style completed with a wide satin band to tie in a bow, this easy wear skirt will lift those Autumn and Winter blues! They can be worn with the tie at the back or the side.

Lace of course is coming through very strong and we are continuing to enhance our collection with some new colours, there will also be a lace 'bustle' skirt. which enhances the derriere. With constrast half slips to highlight the lace and also forms the back pleat.

There are two styles of lace tops in various colours to go with the skirt and create an elegant ensemble.

They can also be treated as separates and are intended to compliment the 'wrap' skirts too.

The jersey dresses and tops remain in the collection and will be available in a gorgeous deep red, purple and dark chocolate, with the facings in an contrast colour. A touch of lurex will be introduced for the festive season to add Hollywood glamour our theme this season!

The now famous and very popular El Huracan lace dress is also available in several colours.

Marlena Trousers

There will be some blouses in chiffon and silk, with tie necks and collars, which can be worn with the 'work to milonga' bustle skirts in a lightweight wool, and we are also introducing the 'bad hair day trousers'. A full leg trouser, with Ella's special snug and figure enhancing cut, when nothing else will do but easy-wear comfort! A trouser for every day and night!

Leading up to Christmas we will have some special extras in Lurex Chiffon - a dress is planned as well as some simple tops to mix and match, with skirt or trouser.

Tango Hollywood - Todo Trajeado Style!
A particular favourite is a 1920's geometric print in divine silk viscose velvet, which will become a bias cut dress, as well as skirt, and a top, tres chic, tres Deco, tres Tango!

Autumn/Winter 2011/12 Fabric Swatch

Geometric silks for skirts, florals for blouses ...

Wool for trousers complimented with floral satin

Full Satin Slips
India, Torquoise, Parma

Lace over the silk satin
All fabrics are Dry Clean* only apart from the Silk Jersey which can be washed on a Hand Wash Cycle with a delicate detergent.

*The lace and the satin do not need to be cleaned after every wear. Hung up in the bathroom for a day or so while you bathe or shower will freshen them up. The less Dry Cleaning and washing the better.

The silk satin can be washed (at your own risk) by hand in a warm mild soapy solution, the trick is NOT to wring it, also hang it up sopping wet, so there are hardly any creases. Outside on a breezy day is perfect, but hung over the bath on a plastic coat hanger will work too. Iron on the 'silk' mark, preferably with a plain tea cloth between it and the iron. The blouses are more tricky because of their sleeves, collars and ties, again a freshen up in a steamy bathroom will allow for a few more outings.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

El Huracan - in Black, limited edition IS ON SALE NOW through BrandAlley!

The dress will also be available in other colours on this site, but not black, more details next week

Also dont forget we have Todo Trajeado in Motion Show on 25th September on the HMS President, non Tango affciados welcome! Details on Events page.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Evening Black Dress - BrandAlley - 2 days to go!

See 'Press' for all the details and interview with Ella Sharp!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What we are wearing!

We have had a very busy August, not only with Brand Alley, but with preparations in getting patterns ready, choosing fabrics and getting our production plans underway. All things are finally slotting into place, there is still work to be done, but a feeling of attaining our goal(s) to present you with a beautiful collection of ready to wear clothes, to indulge in, dance in and be admired, has almost been reached.

Ella and I have been 'testing' two of the new lace top designs, and we are happy to say, they are looking and feeling great.

Tango on the Thames 21st August 2011
Ella is wearing a top with a simple neckline with a cut out back - the hand cutting of the lace makes an interesting detail on a usually rather plain round neck.

 Thank you Connie for the lovely photographs.

Now for something different:

Tina in Orange & Turquoise Lace, worn at a Wedding. The top has a higher neck and a looks like a blouse, but is in fact not buttoned, but has a zip at the side. Very flattering neckline.

Shoes : Greta Flora

Fascinator - Cherished Vintage
A combination of the styles will be shown at our next TodoTrajeado event on 25th September.
The full range will be available for sale on the 1st October at our Newman Street Studio.

Friday, 19 August 2011

PRESS RELEASE - Evening Black Dress Competition - Brand Alley

Finally we can tell you all about the hectic and busy few months we have had! Also keeping it secret has been really, really difficult!

When we met our production company they so loved our lace dress that they encouraged us, no begged us to enter it into a competition that BrandAlley  was running for a black evening dress, ten of which would be chosen to be sold on their site. We were not convinced.

Why reluctant, you might ask? Firstly Ella does not do BLACK! Secondly, we like to keep the collection for the Tango community, and prefer to keep them relatively limited. Also there is a lot of preparation in producing a garment for mass production, never mind getting the sizing right, but we had to make sure we could get the fabric, the slip had to be altered and produced in an alternative fabric (gnashing of teeth) etc etc, but we did it!

However, after all was said and done, Ella was invited to become one of the finalists to show El Huracan to a panel of judges and we got into the chosen ten!  We love this dress, and so do many others, and we are very proud of it. You can see the chosen designers before the panel in the clip below:

We would like to reassure our faithful and growing clientele that the dress is available in a wide colour range which are sold only by Todo Trajeado through our private views . Also BrandAlley have a limited run of only 100 dresses for sale in black, so we can remain true to our ethos of making  beautiful original tango clothes for those of you who want to be Todo Trajeado!

Thank you all for your business, help and support.
Todo Trajeado Team

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tango Ladies Tea - Sunday 24th July 2011

Enjoying a Pimms!
We were blessed with a glorious sunny afternoon. Pimms was served before the viewing of the collection began. Tea was served as a well-earned break in the proceedings. The garden was the perfect place to drink tea, eat delicious sandwiches, enjoy tea bread and cupcakes, whilst discussing the clothes.

Cherished Vintage put on a lovely display of headbands, hair clips and fascinators. The best pieces  were snapped up quickly to compliment outfits in preparation for summer weddings!

Everyone was greatly admiring of one another. Many of our guests had not shared such a shopping event before and were really enjoying the experience with Ella's knowledge and expertise. There was lots of fun helping each other choose outfits and combinations of colours.

Glorious colour!

Attention to detail
The afternoon ended with a refreshing cup of tea on the terrace after a gentle walk around the garden.

Many thanks to you all for joining us in Herstmonceux and a special thanks to our wonderful hostess, Clare.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Production - Up Date

full slip
The sample of the full slip is ready, the designer is happy with it. We now go into production albeit in a limited way. The company we are using are very excited about our Todo Trajeado collection for Tango, and lo and behold, one of the staff dances Tango! So it's all good ...

As production gets underway we will have more garments on the rails - look, like, buy and take away!

At our Blackheath hub we are working flat out at getting the collection ready for our very special Tango Ladies Tea in East Sussex.

UPDATE: The first production order was beautifully executed, and here at Todo Trajeado we are very pleased with the results. The finish and fit was just as we had hoped.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Production Plan

Just thought we would keep you up to date with our plans and initiatives. We are embarking on a push to up the production of some of the collection. This will mean we will have more stock on show at Views and Tango Teas, and yes, you can try it, buy it, and wear it at the next milonga!  Well, that is the idea anyway.

This week Ella and I went to see a lovely lady called Kosa, who we plan to engage to help us organise our production plans. It is ideal for us as this company is happy to work with small runs, we dont have to have an order for 100's, just six of each item, for instance.

As you know we pride ourselves on originality and unique garments for everyone, we endeavour to make sure that each of you looks as if you have an original, and from the photographs, and the evidence on the dance floor, we know this works! 

We are organising a package for sampling, and will let you know the results.

Design by Ella Sharp

Monday, 30 May 2011

Tango South London

Well we had a lovely time at TSL last night - the place was humming - Luis' empanadas were delicious and Claire had organised a shoe exchange which was great.  Claire and Luis performed which was delightful and the lace swirled around amidst the dancers.  Unfortunately we missed Saturday at Corrientes and Friday at Carablanca - even missed class on Friday - that's how busy it has been recently.  Where did everyone else go dancing this weekend?  How did the clothes look?  We have some cunning plans for the next couple of months:)

Monday, 23 May 2011

After the Tango Ladies' Tea - May 2011

Just to let you know that it was a great afternoon. Sadly our make-up demo lady could not make it due to a family emergency. The TT team, however, not to be put out, invested in various hair-do equipment and instruments of torment, and hey presto, we were able to play at hairdressers!

A small but keen group of ladies turned out for the afternoon, and we had lots of fun. The splendid tea of home-made cup cakes, banana bread and tea was excellent. Followed by Pimms to refresh those of us who were flagging after many changes of wonderful clothes!

The lace dress was everyone's favourite, and looked lovely on all who tried it, no matter what size and shape - a magic piece - one size to fit all, it would seem?


Olga and boleo test!
 Difficult decisions had to be made, lace or chiffon, chiffon or lace?
Or perhaps one of each?!

Some slight adjustments
Gaby in Grey Lace with Turquoise Slip
Ella was finally relieved of her Carmen rollers!
Considering we are rank amateurs at hairdressing, not a bad result!
Gaby's fresh water pearl hair pins, add lustre to Ella's new hair do
Thank you ladies for spending the afternoon with Ella @ home,
a special THANK YOU to Gaby, Alan and Kate (for helping with photographs). 
Hope to see you all at our next event.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Swatch Watch - Lace!

We show below some of the lace fabrics we have available. The dresses and skirts are made up without any lining as they are designed to be worn over a contrast colour slip or half slip. There are many colours available in the satin, and different shades can alter the look of the lace quite dramatically. Please see El Huracan video below.



Dark Silver


Orange &Turquoise