Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Saturday Update!

Met with a glorious hot and sunny day, so it was unlikely that many of you would want to come in and get all hot and bothered trying on clothes. We don't blame you!

There were enough visitors to ensure a wonderful time was had by all. The Studio was full of light, colour and music, Carlos Gardel to Josphine Baker and back again - there were only a limited number of 78's to play! They are also very heavy, and the lift was out! Thank you Dr Batchelor for bringing in your wonderful Gramophone!

The lace dress of course was the firm favourite, but the wrap skirt is proving popular too!

Comme il Faut as always had their following and we enjoyed trying on numerous pairs of shoes. Thanks Krissy & Ange for your support.

Also thank you to our fan base (you know who you are?) and the lovely ladies who braved the heat to come and visit and buy some lovely clothes.

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