Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tango Ahoy! 25th September 2011

Samira, Louise, Loretta, Ella, Kate & Tina
An extraordinary, enjoyable and successful afternoon on HMS President!

After the blood, sweat and tears of the week leading up to the show, through no fault of our own, we would like to add, we found ourselves in the deep mire of production chaos! However, we overcame against all odds, and Todo Trajeado presented a beautiful collection!

It was a glorious sunny afternoon on the Thames, with blinding sunlight, so everything had to be absolutely perfect! We tango dancers are usually dancing in the half light and in shadow, a twilight world, so it was an interesting feeling being out and about in daylight and under such scrutiny too. The lovely ladies involved looked beautiful and did the clothes proud.

Last minute adjustment
Which pair of shoes?
Behind the scenes ....

Are we ready?

The video was taken by Seok - Thank You!  To capture it so brilliantly, each piece seen as it should on a Tango dancer. The men looked great too, so smart and handsome.!/photo.php?v=10150837733335581

After the show the compliments were many, and several items were purchased before they were hardly off the 'models'.

Silk Jersey Dress
Satin slip & bustle skirt
Jersey wrapover & bustle skirt

Special thanks to Tony and Peng (Tango on the Thames) for the opportunity to show at their venue. Also to the audience who received us enthusiastically, and especially our models and their partners. Your participation made it extra special dear friends.

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