How can I buy?

Appointments: If you would like an appointment to please call TinaDiva on 07963 778213.

At the studio days in Newman Street, Tea Parties and Tango Events: - Please see Upcoming Events page to find out where we will be and when. We sell from stock and take orders which are usually made up and dispatched usually taking between a week and a month.

Buying via the Blog
You can buy via the blog if you prefer. If you send an e-mail to one of the addresses below,  let us know what you want to buy and which colour, plus your size and we will let you know what we have. If you are undecided about the size we will send you a Measurement Sheet, and we can work it out from there. Terms and Delivery terms apply and payment will have to be made prior to posting.

Contact Details: or call Mobile : 07789070770 or call Mobile : 07963778213

Terms and Delivery times: As stated above orders can usually be dispatched either within the week (if we have your size in the right colour) or can take up to six weeks and are posted by Special Delivery - this depends upon the fabric as some need to be woven or dyed to order.  You will be advised of delivery times when placing the order.  Sometimes you might need to give a deposit (eg:silk herringbone fabric) as the manufacturers require us to do so.

Payment methods: We take all major credit cards at events or over the telephone.

Returns Policy
If the item is returned within 14 days of receipt, unworn, no damage, we are happy to refund you in full.

Web Site - There are plans in the pipeline - realistically it should be up and running by January 2012, however, we would love to have it ready much earlier, and are working on it!