Monday, 23 May 2011

After the Tango Ladies' Tea - May 2011

Just to let you know that it was a great afternoon. Sadly our make-up demo lady could not make it due to a family emergency. The TT team, however, not to be put out, invested in various hair-do equipment and instruments of torment, and hey presto, we were able to play at hairdressers!

A small but keen group of ladies turned out for the afternoon, and we had lots of fun. The splendid tea of home-made cup cakes, banana bread and tea was excellent. Followed by Pimms to refresh those of us who were flagging after many changes of wonderful clothes!

The lace dress was everyone's favourite, and looked lovely on all who tried it, no matter what size and shape - a magic piece - one size to fit all, it would seem?


Olga and boleo test!
 Difficult decisions had to be made, lace or chiffon, chiffon or lace?
Or perhaps one of each?!

Some slight adjustments
Gaby in Grey Lace with Turquoise Slip
Ella was finally relieved of her Carmen rollers!
Considering we are rank amateurs at hairdressing, not a bad result!
Gaby's fresh water pearl hair pins, add lustre to Ella's new hair do
Thank you ladies for spending the afternoon with Ella @ home,
a special THANK YOU to Gaby, Alan and Kate (for helping with photographs). 
Hope to see you all at our next event.

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  1. We had such fun, heated rollers, frocks and cakes:) I'm after some of Gaby's pearl hair pins - just need to work out which colours. I think £8.00 for a single pearl and £12.00 for double.