Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The final tally - well almost!

Well here we are although there are two more to come from Soy Porteno (Portena for the ladies).  One of the pairs shown is not for me though, truly; however Alan has done very well with Neo Tango split soles which have already had test runs.  The team were really sweet on the last visit bidding us farewell:) - we went in many times trying on lots of different versions and sizes, they deserve a gold medal for their patience!  For the men they had some great shoes, the ladies were lovely too but I was looking for particular colours and heel heights etc. so Alan fared better than me.

I have been asked to flag up all the styles one by one so we have some details below although I'm aware I promised outfits with shoes but we collapsed in a heap on Sunday after all the dancing; not so much of a heap that we couldn't dance on Sunday night though.  Ella

Coming to a dance floor near you:)
Right: Top left to right: Neo Tango, CiF, Neo Tango.  Middle: P&H, Neo Tango, Neo Tango
Bottom: Souple, Raquel, Cif
To come!!! Soy Portena, Soy Portena 


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