Saturday, 5 May 2012

Shoes later - perfume first!

Following a successful expedition to CiF, of which more later, we mooched down to the shopping malls of Recoleta and happened upon a lovely artisan perfume emporium! Situated in Av. Alvear, Fueguia is a lovely shop with artisan perfumes for both yourself and your home.  There are approximately 48 scents and needless to say, whilst not buying shoes I had to buy perfume, in this instance a wonderful Gardenia scent which I've really struggled to get in any strength in the UK.  The packaging is beautiful and as such I haven't unwrapped everything leaving it in tact until I get back to England but this brand is coming to London later in the year although the lovely Natasha wasn't sure where the shop would be.
Now back to Comme il Faut; it is official I am a 37 length but a 38 width, so back we went to trying on shoes - oh such hardship!  I finally settled on these - Schaparelli Pink and they are sooo hot!  My sling backs are looking a little tired after a great deal of dancing and these sweeties will go some way to replace them.  The assistant in the shop was great, dutifully bringing out piles of boxes and needless to say these were the first I tried on.  Recoleta is funny on a Saturday afternoon,  really quiet, most shops closing between 1 and 3pm - the height of the spending in London.  The Malls are quite busy, but the shops generally close.
Comme il Faut

Not so much to report today - yesterday's antics are for the blog tomorrow when we'll bring you up to date on what dresses went to which Milongas and with which shoes!


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