Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Wishes and Dates for 2014

The Team at Todo Trajaedo would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers, production teams, fabric suppliers, family and friends for their support throughout 2013.

Our Studio Days in Soho on the first Saturday of every month have proved to be very successful, not only for the purpose of selling you fabulous clothes, but also finding out what it is you like so much about the designs.

Ella is working hard on the R&D for some new styles in 2014, but fear not the old favourites are back to stay, particularly the jersey designs. The 'work to dancefloor' skirt will also be making an appearance early in the year, as well as introducing 'Patience' the fabulous 50's style dress called thus because the design has taken so long to get right and there is someone waiting in the wings to take possession of the first one of the production line!  There is also a reappearance of the 'bad hair day trousers' - intrigued?

'Patience' first outing at Tango on the Thames

The admirers of the 40s coat swing back coat may also be in for a treat, there are plans afoot to create a limited edition ready for Autumn Winter 2014, so get in line!

40s style coat 

We will be open for business on the first Saturday of each month starting :

5th April
3rd May
7th June

Dates may be subject to change, so keep an eye out on the blog and the Face Book page.


  1. Any plans to go as far as the odd size 16?

  2. Hi Annabel,

    We are looking at which of our 'hero' lines would work best for size 16 and size 8.

    The technical issue is that not all styles grade (get bigger or smaller) successfully, but we are working on it promise!