Thursday, 8 March 2012

Away too long!

My is it really that long since we were blogging? Apologies dear reader, but we have been rather busy, or distracted by the day job! But have no fear we have been busy behind the scenes. Fabric buying for lace wrap skirts, evening and daywear, including tea dresses.

We currently have some new designs being made up to patterns and some new wrap skirts in production. Sadly our production schedule is in competition with track suits and hoodies, for the Olympics, would'nt you know! So it is all rather slow!

Todo Trajeado will be at The Ball in Tring on 31st March, 14th April at Newman Street and 27th May there will be a fashion show on HMS President with Tango on the Thames.

Meanwhile read the article on Dior and watch the video from Louis V's latest collection.

The Dior Article - an inspiration!

Louis Vuitton Video - Divine!

We will be back very soon with more interesting bits and pieces.

Did anyone watch Aviator with Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn?
Wonderful clothes ....

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